Cyxtera support solutions are designed to provide the best user experience and to allow IT departments to clearly plan support requirements for their organization. The information in the tables below explain the levels of support available for Compliance Sheriff and how this applies to current versions of the software.

Product Support Life-Cycle Definitions

Full Support:

Feature packs, installation support, and product enhancements are being developed, and external references are maintained.

Limited Support:

Product is three releases back. For specific problems or corruptions new installs are available via online or email support requests.

Software downloads are provided for supported versions. These require valid a software subscription (or maintenance) which is available at the time of purchase. Contact your Cyxtera sales representative for more information. Maintenance cannot be purchased instead of an upgrade.

Please visit the support portal for a product knowledge base and up to date information about Compliance Sheriff.

Version Availability

Compliance Sheriff
Compliance Sheriff Version Support Status
5.2.x Full Support
5.1.x Supported
5.0.x Supported
4.3.x Limited Support
4.0.x Not Supported
3.x Not Supported
2.x Not Supported
1.x Not Supported
Compliance Deputy
Compliance Deputy Version Support Status
5.2.x Full Support
5.1.x Supported
4.3.x Limited Support
4.2.x Not Supported