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Introduction to Web Accessibility Standards & Testing

Internet access is fundamental to our lives. The motivation to make an accessible website often starts with an individual. Do you know someone with a disability? Are you having difficulty navigating the web? Do you want to make your website more accessible or accessible from the start?

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Get the paper that provides a short summary of the web accessibility regulations that may impact you. From WCAG to Section 508, the EU’s EN 301 549, AODA to Canada's Standard on Accessibility and more.

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Find out how accessible your website is with our free automated tool. Automated tools help you identify the most important issues to fix. Compliance Sheriff will help on your journey toward a fully accessible website.

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Stay Compliant: Build a Sustainable and Measurable Accessibility Process

Compliance Sheriff’s best practice training programs let you incorporate accessible design and qualification into your web development and management process.

Web Accessibility in Education

The education must meet the needs of applicants, students, parents, alumni, faculty, and employees. All campuses and departments must be held to the same standards of web design, even as individual teachers and employees contribute information for immediate use by students and families.

Compliance Sheriff provides automated testing accessibility for validation, remediation and ongoing monitoring of accessibility for schools, university and campus websites, intranets, web applications and e-learning systems.

Compliance Sheriff can help you respond to an OCR complaint and show the most cost-effective way to make web properties accessible to the students who need them most.

Hundreds of Schools and universities turn to Compliance Sheriff for compliance including California State University System, Clemson University, Columbia, Oklahoma State University, State University of New York, and the University of Carolina.

Education Case Studies

EDUPRIZE was made aware that its website was not fully accessible to the visually impaired. EDUPRIZE chose to work with Compliance Sheriff to identify and remediate its website accessibility issues.

“Web accessibility is an area where people will be caught off guard. Without the background to handle it quickly, organizations need a solution like Compliance Sheriff to automatically scan the site, show what is wrong and offer a solution to move towards an accessible website.”

Dir. of Operations, EDUPRIZE

Dir. of Operations, EDUPRIZE - Download Case Study

CSU strives to provide all of its students with an equal education. Providing accessible online services and materials is an important part of meting this goal. It chose Compliance Sheriff to automate monitoring of previously published pages against customized requirements for 21 campuses.

“CSU needed a partner to achieve our goal of access to web content for all faculty, students and staff. As that partner, Compliance Sheriff delivers robust functionality and excellent service at a reasonable cost.”

Dir. Accessible Technology Initiative, CSU

Dir. Accessible Technology Initiative, CSU - Download Case Study

Purdue University Calumet automated the manual procedure of ensuring web accessibility across their online content to serve over 10,000 students and 300 content editors annually.

“We are able to better track our progress against our web accessibility policy with Compliance Sheriff. It helps to document our on-going efforts to achieve web accessibility.”

Web Accessibility Coordinator, Purdue Calumet

Web Accessibility Coordinator, Purdue Calumet - Download Case Study

Government and Healthcare Compliance with the ADA, Section 508, WCAG and ACA

Title II of the ADA covers any state or local government or agency and details that all program services and activities don’t discriminate against people with disabilities. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and sex by managed care programs that receive federal financial assistance from the HHS. Covered entities must make “electronic and information technology in health programs and activities accessible to people with disabilities…”

Compliance Sheriff provides government and healthcare with a powerful platform for managing web content to address accessibility for the ADA, Section 508, WCAG and ACA. Evaluate your compliance risks, discover the scope of your accessibility project and what to remediate first.

Digital Accessibility in Private Sector and Retail: Respond to Litigation or ADA Demands

In the absence of specific regulations for web accessibility, the private sector and retailer are left without legal guidance on how to make their complex websites accessible. Some advocate for full WCAG 2.0 compliance, others argue that nothing is required.

Private industry – retailers, financial services firms – does not have specific guidelines, but with high profile court decisions like Winn-Dixie ordered to make its website accessible or Foot Locker facing a discrimination lawsuit, web accessibility must be taken seriously.

Compliance Sheriff ensures that every person in every place, every time can access a retailers digital footprint. We help you prepare an immediate response to litigation, ADA demand letters or complaints, and an Accessibility Statement, along with an Accessibility Policy that will increase your customers’ satisfaction and communicate your ongoing web accessibility strategy.

Overcoming Accessibility Lawsuits

If your organization is being sued, we’ll provide a risk analysis to determine an effective web accessibility solution, including Accessibility Policies, VPAT reports or an assessment to help prioritize fixes.

Prioritizing Accessibility Issues

WCAG 2.0 can be daunting. We’ve helped many organizations move from an enormous list of problems to simple steps for compliance. Not sure where to start? We can help you, too.

Getting Accessibility Training

What do you really need to know about web accessibility? We’ll show you and provide a report on steps you can take to be compliant with regulations or avoid litigation.


Not sure where to start? Wherever you are on the path to accessibility, we can help you get compliant and stay compliant.

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