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Cyxtera Invests in Compliance Sheriff; Commits to Web Accessibility

Cyxtera is doubling down on its investment in web accessibility. With the launch of ComplianceSheriff.com, we are committing to this space by growing our engineering team and developing new Compliance Sheriff product capabilities. While, we may have changed company names a few times, we are the same people offering you web accessibility expertise you’ve come to know and trust.

A Brief History of Compliance Sheriff

The story starts way back in the late 90’s, back when we were known as Hiawatha Island Software, but our friends called us HiSoftware, so eventually we shortened our formal name. Think back to that time: websites were just starting to become pervasive. We were there at the beginning, making these websites accessible to everyone. We’ve been involved in web accessibility ever since, adapting techniques to new technologies and participating in legislation and standards as they were developed.

In 2003, we launched CynthiaSays (www.cynthiasays.com) as a public service in partnership with nonprofits to encourage everyone to learn more about web accessibility and improve their own websites. We continue to maintain Cynthia Says, and as Cyxtera, we intend to expand its capabilities as a free educational tool.

In 2014, Cryptzone acquired HiSoftware, expanding web compliance beyond accessibility to incorporate privacy and security regulations. And now, Compliance Sheriff joins the Cyxtera family, benefiting from renewed investment and a focus on accessibility.

Deep Web Accessibility Expertise

Building upon this deep history, Compliance Sheriff has proven itself to be the most comprehensive, configurable and scalable web compliance scanning tool, incorporating the best practices knowledge of experts who have been with us since the early days.

Compliance Sheriff enables organizations to incorporate web accessibility testing into their software development model. We are committed to delivering our expertise to any company seeking to expand accessible design throughout their web properties.

We look forward to helping you, whether you are new to web accessibility or an expert looking to take your organization to the next level.

Take a look at our new website to learn more about our solutions and product.

Attending Accessing Higher Ground

Our Compliance Sheriff team is at Booth 18 at Accessing Higher Ground this week – an event focused on the implementation and benefits of accessible media and ADA and 508 compliance. Come meet with us to learn how we are investing in Compliance Sheriff to help you meet your web accessibility requirements.

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