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Compliance Sheriff 6.0 Release!

The Compliance Sheriff team is excited to announce the roll out of version 6.0! With the introduction of version 6.0 of Compliance Sheriff we are introducing a new, stream-lined look and feel to the product which will pave the way for improved usability and efficiency of managing web accessibility. We listened to our customers and are excited to announce the addition of WCAG 2.1 checkpoint tests, a new compliance Trend Report, Rest API support, and improved navigation to simplify your web accessibility testing experience.


WCAG 2.1 Checkpoints

In an effort to enhance our Checkpoints for testing web properties for accessibility, we have extended our coverage to include WCAG 2.1 Success Criteria. WCAG 2.1 extends accessibility success criteria to be more inclusive of users with motor and dexterity disabilities, low vision and users that rely on speech input for their applications. You can leverage these checkpoints immediately or pull them in gradually as your team adjusts to the new requirements.

Stream-lined UI

In order to enhance usability and readability of the product, we introduced a new user interface and improved navigation. Grouping common elements allows for growth in areas such as Reporting and Alerting which are very critical for many of our users. We are looking to expand our offerings here so look out for more to come!

navigation bar with new reports and alerts tabs

Trend Report

We know how critical it is to share progress on your accessibility goals across an organization. Therefore, we are excited to introduce a new compliance Trend Report that will demonstrate a trend in progress in addressing web accessibility issues. Once you have scheduled your scan groups to test at a regular interval, you can quickly see how sections of your web site is performing over time. We welcome feedback as we continue to develop more drill-down and expanded capabilities over time.

The Trend report will help to answer the following questions:

  1. How are my web pages performing against the WCAG criteria I am testing against?
    pass fail counts for pages scanned and checkpoints tested
    You can now easily see how sections of your web site are performing against the criteria that you set up to test.

  2. Am I making progressing in addressing issues across my web pages?
    pages failed out of total pages graph over time
    You can set your scheduled scan groups to run daily, weekly or monthly, whatever best meets your business needs.

  3. What pages have the most accessibility issues? And what WCAG criteria have the most issues across my site?
    top 10 web pages that have the most failed checkpoints
    In order to help in prioritization of issues, we have introduced the Top 10 Lists. You can quickly see what web pages are causing the most accessibility problems and what WCAG criteria are causing the most pain across all of your site.

  4. Which part of my site has the most accessibility issues? Additionally, a list of the scans included in your scheduled scan group based on performance can help show you how particular portions of your site are performing against the rest.

Rest API

As part of an effort to adopt more efficient and dev-ops-ready architecture, Compliance Sheriff is transferring all product APIs to be HTTP REST APIs. As new web accessibility testing features are introduced, they will also be supported by REST APIs. The addition of REST API support drastically improves your ability to integrate accessibility testing into established dev-ops processes. Below is an example of APIs created for the new Trend Report. The Full List of APIs are available to you as well in the open source tool Swagger.

listing of trend report apis

For additional details regarding the Version 6 release contact us at support@compliancesheriff.com.

To download the latest version of our software and documentation, you can log into our support portal at http://support.cyxtera.com, and search for “Current Release”. In the results, you will find an article under the Downloads category titled, “Compliance Sheriff Installation Files and Documentation: Current Release” (KB0010914) from which you can download the latest files.