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Learn from the Experts at Accessing Higher Ground 2018

This month experts from Compliance Sheriff by AppGate will participate in Accessing Higher Ground – an event focused on the implementation and benefits of Accessible Media, Universal Design and Assistive Technology in the university, business and public setting. November 12th kicks off the conference and Ken Nakata and Jeff Singleton of Compliance Sheriff will provide an overview of accessibility topics such as legal and policy issues, including ADA and 508 compliance. The creation of accessible media and information resources, including Web pages and library resources are a particular focus of the event.

Website Liability Under US Accessibility Laws

Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
Scheduled at 3:30pm in Westminster II on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Do you understand how disability laws affect websites? This presentation reviews the most important accessibility laws for US-based organizations and universities and offers approaches to avoid serious fines and penalties.

Join Ken Nakata, a former Senior Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice and who has specialized in accessibility for the last 24 years, will introduce the roles of enforcement agencies and private litigants- and steps to take to avoid their scrutiny. Come to the presentation if you want to:

  1. Understand how different accessibility laws work.
  2. Understand which accessibility laws apply to my organization.
  3. Understand how to avoid liability for your organization’s website by knowing what enforcement agencies and private litigants look for.

Introduction to Web Accessibility: A Practical Demonstration of Real-Life Implications for People with Disabilities

Jeffrey Singleton, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
Scheduled at 8:00am in Cotton Creek II on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Web accessibility newcomers are often bewildered on where to begin. This session provides a jump start in understanding basic web accessibility principles and the impact on people with disabilities.

Highlights include:

  1. Gain an understanding how people with disabilities use the web (assistive technology demo)
  2. Minimize feat of the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines
  3. Communicate the importance of WCAG 2.0 with others.

Practical First Steps for Achieving Web Accessibility and Avoiding Liability

Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
Scheduled at 4:00pm in Westminster I on Thursday, November 15, 2018

This session builds on the Introduction to Web Accessibility: A Practical Demonstration of the Real-Life Implications for Disabilities session. This session provides simple vendor-neutral steps that any organization can use to achieve web accessibility. First, it explains which WCG 2.0 A/AA provisions are critical for avoiding a “surf by” lawsuit and how automation and manual testing come into play. It is also explains why a simple Accessibility Statement ensures program access and equivalent access to goods and services – even if a website is not fully accessibility. It also describes how to build accessibility into web development process so that future content remains accessible.

This session will cover:

  1. Why an Accessibility Statement is important and how to write one
  2. Easy steps for avoiding a website accessibility lawsuit
  3. How to easily create a self-sustaining culture of web accessibility

Meet with Compliance Sheriff Experts

Compliance Sheriff has a deep history in web accessibility. Our tool has proven itself to be the most comprehensive, configurable and scalable web compliance scanning tool, incorporating the best practices knowledge of experts who have been with us since the early days.
Compliance Sheriff enables organizations to incorporate web accessibility testing into their software development model. We are committed to delivering our expertise to any company seeking to expand accessible design throughout their web properties.

Come meet with us to learn how we are investing in Compliance Sheriff to help you meet your web accessibility requirements. Take a look at our new website to learn more about our solutions and product.