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Accessing Higher Ground to Showcase Compliance Sheriff Experts

This week Compliance Sheriff by AppGate experts will participate in Accessing Higher Ground – an event focused on the implementation and benefits of Accessible Media, Universal Design and Assistive Technology in the university, business and public setting. Other topic areas cover legal and policy issues, including ADA and 508 compliance. The creation of accessible media and information resources, including Web pages and library resources are a particular focus of the event.

Website Liability Under US Accessibility Laws
Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
8:00am in WB III on Wednesday November, 15

If you are new to web accessibility or a seasoned veteran, understanding how different civil rights laws like the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and California’s Unruh Act require organizations to offer people with disabilities the same access to content and information as everyone else is vital. But a tapestry of evolving Federal, State and industry-specific laws can be confusing.

Join Ken Nakata, a former Senior Trial Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice and who has specialized in accessibility for the last 24 years, as he discusses:

  1. Changing accessibility laws like Section 504, 508, ADA Title III and California Unruh Act
  2. How DOJ and private litigants have interpreted applying accessibility laws to the internet
  3. What it means for a website to be “accessible”

Learn which laws apply to you and how to minimize litigation risk.

Recipe for Rapid Web Accessibility and Continued Success!
Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
9:15am in Cotton Creek II on Wednesday November, 15.

Join Ken Nakata and Jeff Singleton as they present an approach any organization can take to achieve website accessibility compliance. Hear lessons learned from customers who solved real-world web accessibility problems and incorporated accessibility into their web initiatives. Ken will review website accessibility laws, including practical and immediate steps that reduce litigation risk:

  • Developing a web accessibility statement
  • Identifying common issues that lead to inaccessible website litigation
  • How to easily detect these issues using automated technology
  • The value of extending these strategies into a more complete web accessibility program

Jeff will review establishing an approach for your accessibility audit:

  • How to kick-start a web accessibility program
  • Balancing manual and automated testing in an optimal way
  • What to look for when selecting an automated scanning solution
  • Incorporating accessibility as part of an organization’s content development lifecycle

Balancing Automated Scanning, Manual Testing and Assistive Technology for Successful Website Accessibility Testing
Jeffrey Singleton, Senior Accessibility Consultant, Compliance Sheriff
9:15am in Cotton Creek I on Thursday November, 16

Accessibility lawsuits have surged dramatically, triggered from so-called “ADA Letters” sent by law firms alleging individuals with disabilities are denied access to organizations’ goods and services. But how do you effectively and efficiently test that your website is accessible to individuals with disabilities? Join Senior Accessibility Solutions Consultant Jeff Singleton as he discusses lessons learned building and implementing effective accessibility testing frameworks, including:

  • How to scope and define testing emphasis to maximize coverage for minimal effort
  • Pitfalls of relying solely on automated testing tools
  • Automated testing – what capabilities to look for in automated testing solutions
  • Testers and auditors – what qualifications and skills to look for in accessibility testing
  • Assistive technology – key factors to consider

Learn accessibility testing best practices to maximize accessibility and to minimize litigation risk.

Preparing for the Government Knock on Your Door
Ken Nakata, Director of Accessibility Consulting Practice, Compliance Sheriff
Mary Lou Mobley, National Disability Expert, Office for Civil Rights
2:15pm in Cotton Creek II on Thursday November, 16

Colleges and universities often receive Federal funding at one or more of their programs. They also rely on student loans. Both of these forms of Federal funding are triggers for Section 504, which prohibits discrimination anywhere within the organization. The Department of Education and other Federal agencies regularly conduct compliance reviews and investigate alleged discriminatory conduct at colleges and universities. This session, which is a perennial favorite at AHG, tells colleges and universities what to expect during one of these reviews. It is presented by two former Senior Trial Attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice Disability Rights Section—one now working with the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights and the other in private practice conducting compliance reviews for Federal agencies.

Meet with Compliance Sheriff Experts

Compliance Sheriff has a deep history in web accessibility. Our tool has proven itself to be the most comprehensive, configurable and scalable web compliance scanning tool, incorporating the best practices knowledge of experts who have been with us since the early days.

Compliance Sheriff enables organizations to incorporate web accessibility testing into their software development model. We are committed to delivering our expertise to any company seeking to expand accessible design throughout their web properties.

Come meet with us to learn how we are investing in Compliance Sheriff to help you meet your web accessibility requirements. Take a look at our new website to learn more about our solutions and product.

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