Take control of yourOnline Accessibility

In today’s digital world, your website must comply with accessibility regulations. Accessibility compliance reduces risk of litigation and drives customer satisfaction. Yet, website content is increasingly out of control.

It’s time to take back control. Compliance Sheriff helps make all web content accessible by every person in every place, every time.

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Reduce the risk of litigation and improve customer satisfaction.

Compliance Sheriff helps ensure your online content complies with web accessibility standards from WCAG to Section 508, the EU’s EN 301 549, AODA to Canada's Standard on Accessibility and more. Customers can quickly identify, prioritize and correct problems throughout all of their web properties – spending time on the most important tasks.

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Find out how accessible your website is for free. Test up to ten pages of your website against WCAG and Section 508 standards.

AppGate Cynthia Says is a joint education and outreach project of ICDRI, the Internet Society Disability and Special Needs Chapter and AppGate.

How to Comply with Web Accessibility Requirements in Your Industry

Public services – education, government and healthcare – must comply with stringent website accessibility regulation while private industry faces litigation and demands. Find out how Compliance Sheriff is helping these industries.